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ICO schedulers – what are we doing?

We are providing for our users and visitors the latest news and information about ICO in a form of ICO lists and schedules.

ICO – what is it? ICO (Initial Coin Offering) – it is a new form of attracting investors by selling them a limited amount of new cryptocurrencies units which were taken by an emission of them.

Some experts and traders looks on ICO as a new generation of IPO. As a result, designation “ICO” was formed similarly to “IPO” (Initial Public offering). But we want to notice that between this two terms many significant differences. We can the biggest ones:

  • ICO don’t has such state regulation as IPO
  • In case of ICO owners of cryptocurrencies don’t has the same rights for owning them as has owners of shares in IPO.

In our opinion, ICO better concider as a new form or crowdfunding, where people do collective investing in something. or forging and distribution of this issue among interested people and investors. Every day ICO funding, becoming more popular, with help of it, companies now has better and easier way to attract investors. Every day the technology of blockchain becoming more popular between companies, investors etc. The work of ICO is based on technologies of blockchain, that is why ICO Finds more new investors around the world.

As we could see ICO – is a new word in modern investment, which can help provide start-upers their ideas and technologies to a bigger amount of people, investors and companies. But sometimes investors has problem due using ICO, the main problem is a lack of government control and regulatory framework. Sometimes behind mask of new ICO, hiding scummers, whose only reason of  releasing new ICO is fool their investors. That is one of the reasons, why our team created ICO schedulers.

ICO schedulers it is a site which not only providing the latest ICO release in a form of ICO lists and ICO schedules but also searching for real ICO, in order to protect everyone from theft.

We connected together experts and trying to provide their opinion to you as far as it possible. The information about different ICO you can easily find on our site, we provide all useful information to our users in a form of ICO lists and ICO schedules.

We built our site in a such way, that you could find easily information about upcoming ICO-s, active ICO-s and concluded ICO-s, different topics, lists and schedules are designed to help you.

ICO schedulers is created for help, but we want help too. All we want from is just to stay with us. Do this, and we surely find something for you to be excited about!


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