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2 years of development with a great team, already market leader with thousands of users, business customers and a strong partner ecosystem. Join us as we are set to revolutionise the way communities interact with each other, with the world’s first ever “Digital Health Currency” i.e, The Boltt Coin

Digital Health Coin


24 months the professional team created a system which is already using by thousands of people. Now it’s stands on the most provide places of marketplace. We created  a system which has their strong partners and traders.

We want to change people interacting with a help of created by us currency “Digital Health Currency” i.e, The Boltt Coin. Our team created the system which can be used for earning money for your wellness. We are calling it “Walk Chain”  and the main algorithm is based on a using of “Proof of Steps” for gaining the amount of BOLTT COINS while you walking on the street.

Our Platform going to provide different contests and online interactional  plays which would be patroned by different companies and everyone could win the real presents or coins of our system The owners of our currency will have different possibilities. For example you could easily pay with it’s coins for your products. With every moment the price of  Bolttcoin will raise because of joining new members to project.

The main purpose of the Boltt make life of the human being more healthy. We put all efforts for changing the people style of living all over the world with a help of Blockchain. People will gain our currency as a regarding for achievement for health missions.

We developed an “Addictive Mobile Health Game” and surrounding for it just for noticing users and propaganda of a healthy lifestyle. In this app users can get as a reward BolttCoins for encourage them for doing future steps of healthy living.

With a help of BolttCoins customers can buy gds. in partnership markets

We hope that it would be an interesting for players and make them addict for healthy living.  BolttCoin team want to provide principle for their users: “More Healthy – More Earnings”. We believe by this principle should live the whole human being.

For it we created a great eco surroundings, system and platform. In future it can be one of the most goods for the last centuries. BolttCoin can be used in different layers of human lifestyle.

For BolttCoin customers we want to provide the program of loyalty in future, which can allow them buy different gds. in partnership stores with a big discount.

So join our program – the main secret of our future is healthy people all over the world!


  • Ian Scarffe – Blockchain ICO Consultant / Advisor.
  • Brian Condenanza – Chief Crypto Marketing
  • Simon Cocking – Chief Strategy & Public Relations
  • Warren Whitlock – Blockchain Expert & Reputed Digital & Social Influence