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AR Strategy With Blockchain Integrated


The nowadays imagination and reality of video and mobile games changes with a help of new technologies as AR. Your everyday walk for a work or in a park can become an interesting and exciting adventure, just with a help of your mobile phone. We created the Clash&Go the platform which offers an easy access to games of different genres and big variety of mechanics which become popular with a help of nowadays technologies.

New technologies of blockchain and AR gives a possibility for players change the surroundings of their virtual reality. We tried to make Clash&Go as a dynamic and always changing surroundings platform.

Clash & GO the new mobile game, which created on the basis of blockchain technologies and mix in itself many game genres from building strategies to real online battles. We created the CGO token which players will get from the game and will get a possibility of manipulating the real and virtual world.

Our team made Clash&Go not just like a usual mobile game, it is a universal game platform which are based on technologies of blockchain and available on your mobile phone. With a help of this program games will not be limited to the screens of mobile phones, but they could smoothly flow into the world which surrounds us. Gameplay of our program offers two modes: Strategy mode and mode of augmented reality (AR). Players will be able to play even with switched off mobile phones.  All previous actions will have an influence to the virtual world.

In a Strategy mode, player should build his or her own base or a fortes which should be held by your wise and careful decisions. With a help of Augmented reality mode your mobile phone will change your surroundings into the real place of battle.

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  • Andriy Semenyuk – Founder
  • Bohdan Repekh – Executive Director
  • Alex Sakhnevych – CTO
  • Jalal Fattouh – CSO