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Deedcoin ICO

Deedcoin is the blockchain of the real estate industry, reducing commissions by over 80% with licensed agents anywhere.


Deedcoin will be revolutionizing how the real estate market works. With Deedcoin, commissions paid to real estate agents will be tokenized and decentralized. The platform will be distributing its tokens to the people with a token launch. This creates a new network where real estate services run a a free market based on the market price of deedcoin. Deedcoin creates a token launch fund that build a better real estate platform with state licence and local Deecoin network everywhere. The platform works in such a way that people who have need for the services of a real estate agent can Deedcoin to pay fair rates on purchase and rental transactions.
  • Matthew Herrick
  • Charles Wismer
  • Thomas Spangler
  • George Herrick