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Welcome to the World of Security Tokens


What problems does DESICO solve?

Problem #1: No infrastructure to issue security tokens

DESICO’s solution: DESICO will create a legally compliant, and therefore game-changing infrastructure to issue and trade security tokens. DESICO’s infrastructure will consist of a security token offerings platform, a security token exchange, and a payment system.

Problem #2: A lack of post-ICO liquidity

DESICO’s solution: DESICO will operate a security token exchange as a key part of its infrastructure. This exchange will provide immediate liquidity to any security tokens issued by any business listed on the DESICO platform. The exchange will be subject to regulatory supervision.

Problem #3: A lack of liquidity for ICOs in converting crypto assets to fiat currencies

DESICO’s solution: DESICO will have a fiat-to-crypto payment system. This will allow DESICO to execute payments and manage payment accounts, whilst ICO-funded businesses using DESICO will be able to manage both their crypto and fiat holdings.

Lithuania’s Minister of Finance, Vilius Šapoka, credited DESICO for fostering the country’s “fintech and blockchain communities by promoting the settlement of global blockchain and fintech businesses in Lithuania.”

Furthermore, in June 2018, DESICO secured $100,000 USD worth of funding after ranking among the TOP 3 from 160 ICOs in the prestigious ICO Race competition in Lugano, Switzerland.

DESICO’s team members have worked together for a number of years, built successful businesses, and bring a unique mix of legal, financial, and marketing knowledge to develop an crowdfunding platform for the next generation of ICOs


  • Laimonas Noreika – Co-Founder / CEO
  • Audrius Griškevičius – Co-Founder / Business Development
  • Tim Simon – Chief Technology Officer
  • Darius Noreika – Co-Founder / Chief Operations Officer