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A blockchain based platform which empowers people to collaboratively build and finance innovative, affordable housing projects. We aim to subvert large developers and banks who currently control housing worldwide. The end goal of the platform is to become a tool which enables the democratic creation of sustainable smart cities.


Ehab – is a decentralized blockchain system, which allows everyone invest in stimulating programs of enhancing and getting accessible house for everybody. The main mission of our program is creating an instrument which allows people create the smart cities in future.

Our purpose is to figure out the problem of house crisis. It can be solved by changing the sphere of building into decentralized system which is controlling by people. Also, human being is facing with a problem of a accessible houses. So we think that these two issues should be addressed simultaneously and evenly.

Ehab is the innovative system which was created for making a dream of decentralized house system real.

For sever people and their families it is creating the opportunity on creating and designing your owm house. We understand the meaning of right info about several types of house value and basing your final choice for building a house on gotten information. Our team want this program be helpful even after building your house. It should give all available tools and instruments for arrangement your house. This tools will provide for their users a dozen of functional things which with a help of internet of things (IoT) will upgrade your house into smart house. After we will create more modules and upgrades that should help your smart house

The neighborhood of people always pushes them for communicating and taking resolutins which are important for them and their life. It is a basic form of democracy. The Blockchain system could help make all tis processes easier. Our tools which oriented for communities could unlock great possibilities for entrepreneurship and solve some energy issues. IoT devices could manage the information about house services, analyze it and share with everyone who is in a part of community

Soon on the map of a world will appear new cities. Our population grows more with every year. The situation of modern urbanizing is record high. Now humanity faced with a problem of Global warming which causes the growing of seas and oceans all over the world. Every future cities should be comfortable for people living there and contain all needs which are important for human being.

So we see our project as a payment tool, modul for communicating between people and solve their problems and also as a method of a new  entrepreneurship . Our project will work on blockchain, so each of us can see in a future, how their house were built ad developed trough the time.


  • Linn Clabburn –  Crowdfunding & Infrastructure
  • Andrew Graham – Strategy, Recruitment & Scaling
  • Fabio Moura – Legal Counsel
  • Michael Lenis – Real Estate/US Market Advisor