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ENDO Protocol

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ENDO Blockchain Protocol


ENDO is a new blockchain based ecosystem which gives a possibility to companies and usual people to be a part of huge service and data swap with a help of ours ENDO token.

Our platform was created for developing the most safest and qualified surroundings for all needed information. With ENDO platform, you can control all your needed information such as: ID cards, your own documents or documents of your company. We are providing the safest access for your kept data. It would be available for organizations connect to our network by API for swapping data. Users will get our ENDO tokens as a reward for giving access to their private information.

ENDO is a new blockchain based ecosystem which has an abilities of verification networks. Our ecosystem  were developed as a decentralized surroundings for checked information.

With a help of our network you could scan documents and make digital copies of them. It opens new possibilities of getting documents through the Internet. It will become possible for companies create the new ID of authenticity in a digital form.

We are planning to launch Platform at the beginning of the next year  So soon everyone can make their applications.  The alpha-version of platform already works and shows great results for everyone.

For more information visit official website.

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Board of directors

  • Vladislav Utushkin – CMO
  • Yan Palmachinskiy – CEO, founder
  • Mikhail Plyaskin – COO
  • Julia Stafford – Head of Digital Advertising


  • Bruce Porter Jr
  • Kohei Shinoki