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Financial Infrastructure for the Crypto Economy

Financial Infrastructure for the Crypto Economy


Modern world economy is changing day by day. New finance groundbreakes are introduced by crypto technologies. Nowadays economic would be a basic of tomorrow, and cryto technologies would be the main tool of building it. That is the reason why our team created Firmo.

We created this platform for different finance firms, which should help them provide services for their customers in a safe and decentralized way with a help of last crypto technologies. For this purposes, we created our own domain FirmoLang, which fully certified and safe.  We are opening the new way in cryptocurrencies world and trying change or destroy all limits in nowadays economic system. Now we are working together with Ethereum team and soon we will start our co-working with such platforms as Neo, Cardano, QTUM etc.

Our platform doing finance deals by using technologies of blockchain. They are writing with our special code which was created by us – FirmoLang. It gives safe surroundings for doing finance deals based on non-centralized technologies.

Over platform periodically checking which allows you bring the safe profit from your deals. FirmoLang complying it with a code of a Virtual Machine of  Etherereum. Our Platform was created for helping non-centralized economy.

The Firmo Protocol now is still developing and goes trough it’s alpha test. This paper:

Showing the Firmo and main aims showing finance deals based on the blockchain.
Gives a Subjective opinion  of the main facilities and it’s language of programming  FirmoLang.
Shows the FirmoLang Ethereum Virtual Machine Compiler.


  • Martin Elsman – ADVISOR
  • Michel Avital – Advisor
  • Cosmin Oancea – Advisor
  • Kourosh Rasmussen – Advisor