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GaxCoin ICO


GAXCLUB is a decentralised P2P platform for the exchange of most of the services, including betting and entertainment. Thanks to Ethereum’s blockchain and the Interplanetary File System (IPFS), the platform and the community are decentralised, allowing users to interact without intermediaries. We are building a scalable platform that does the following: Build a bridge between the world of Cryptocurrencies and the real world, allowing users to advertise their services/know-how or recruit freelancers, promote tourism accommodation or rent out hotels or houses, exchange theatre or gym subscriptions and much more: create a horizontally structured market and redistribute the exclusive Gaxcoin bonus from the intermediaries directly to the suppliers of services, the owners of goods and the members of the community; offer a new level of transparency in agreements, accessibility to information and trust among market operators; eliminate currency exchange commissions and the costs of international transactions, cutting costs; solve the problem of the taxation of the sharing economy thanks to the use of GAX tokens.


  • Gaspare Matino – CEO
  • Mario Stagliano – Server Management
  • Vincenzo Ajello – Developer
  • Oleg Abrosimov – Smart Contract Developer