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  • Take Control of Your Health!

We are glad to introduce the new blockchain based platform – Helix3. It was created for bringing everyone idea of healthy life. Our network is designed in such a way that every information about our clients will be imprinted, this will help us to recreate a healthy ecosystem. The modern technologies, technologies of blockchain, IoT and other nowadays learning will help humanity achieve a healthy life for everyone.


Our platform will record health data about our client using modern fitness devices. Each user will have own profile in which the state of his health will be displayed. Information about you will base on data from fitness devices and your medical records. Helix3 will help you in the best and quickest way to find an interaction between your doctor, pharmacist in the pharmacy, trainer in your local gym, employer or your relatives.

Our team implemented in Helix3 the special rewards system. It should motivate users live with ideas of healthy life. The doctor or employer will have a possibility of challenging you for achieving you your healthy goals. Your profile will automatically show your achievements and changes to your profile. When user achieve their goal, they will get our tokens called – HELIX tokens. Users will have a possibility to easily exchange them everywhere.

Our team created all opportunities for our users to start living healthy life and reach all your healthy goals.

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  • Nicholas White – CEO
  • Ray Belleville – CSO
  • Brittney White – VP Operations
  • Nick Sawchuk – VP Business Development
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