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We Revolutionize The Cloud

We Revolutionize The Cloud


Our team created the IAGON – new system which is going to be the basic place for using the data bases and processer energy of non-centralized computers which are connected together by blockchain network. IAGON platform which gives a possibility of storage huge info files, and it also can do complex calculations with which in our time can only cope with artificial intelligence. It is a safe, non-centralized system which uses the new technologies of blockchain, cryptography, AI technologies and provides it for users in the easiest way.

With our system humanity will get the place where each of us will have a possibility of gaining profit by connecting to huge processing network. IAGON will be the automatized system which will solve different tasks and storage data files with a help of unused capacity which is gifted from miners.

People will have a possibility of exchange back tokens into fiat cash, people could gain them and spend in different places where tokens are required. For every operation IAGON will provide the ten percent commission, and remaining tokens would be sent back to the miner. Our non-centralized system will control two networks: network of keeping data and network of processing. This networks will work on blockchain technologies which contains possibilities of Machine learning for optimization the work of mining systems.

IAGON Purpose :

The main purpose of our IAGON system is change the way of cloud and web platforms work, by giving the non-centralized network of keeping and processing information. With a connecting to the unused  place in data storages and servers we are getting the possibility of developing the super-computer which can concur with other popular cloud services

Our team wants provide for companies and other people the high qualified services of storage processing data for usual price and better then everywhere by connecting together the unused computer data. By providing it, IAGON will destroy the barrier of big prices which are settled in this sphere. For using computer unused data place we will reward them with our tokens, which could be traded or exchanged then for real money.


  • Chris Abdey  – Blockchain Business Adviso
  • Petr Kosikhin  – Blockchain Architect Advisor
  • Trond Skundberg –  Business Development Advisor
  • Dr. Nezer Zaidenberg –  Cybersecurity Advisor