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IceBreakerAR will bridge the virtual world with reality by providing a revolutionary tool that removes the core barriers which prevent humans from reaching out and interacting with one another


IceBreakerAR‘s solution is comprised of four components working in unison to provide a fun, secure and seamless user experience.

Users have the option of a quick profile creation to get up and running as quickly as possible, or a more detailed profile setup for higher quality matches. Once at least one profile from either Dating, Networking or groups has been created, the user can begin to scan the vicinity for matches. The user can also seamlessly switch between categories to scan if they created a profile in multiple categories.


  • Thien To – Founder & CEO
  • Michael De Blok – Founder & COO
  • Kaitie Zhee – Marketing and User Acquisiton Director
  • Connor Mckitrick – Business Development Director