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Decentralized project learning. YouTube for online education & professional development.


LiveEdu is a project learning platform where content creators teach learners how to build real products. Use practical projects to learn how to build products from the fields programming, game development, data analytics, design, augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and cryptocurrencies. Our content is available either as live stream, archived video or uploaded video. We are a distributed company with legal office in San Francisco. We are the world’s largest project learning platform.

We believe learning from real projects is a practical and efficient way for professionals and students and to improve their skills and make more money in their career. LiveEdu is not for absolute beginners, but for those who have basic introductory knowledge in their field.

LiveEdu is a fast-growing start-up with a big vision for transforming how students and professionals improve and sharpen their skills by watching real practical projects. We launched our beta version at the end of 2015 under the name ‘’ with programming related content. In 2017 we changed our name to ‘LiveEdu’, expanded our content categories and shifted to focus on monetizable content. LiveEdu has already been used by over 1,000,000 people from 194 countries since launch. More than 13,000 streamers have created over 200,000 video content. Viewers use LiveEdu for learning and socializing. Streamers use it for teaching and sharing their projects. We make money through LiveEdu Pro subscriptions starting at $9.99/month and ads. LiveEdu does revenue sharing with streamers

LiveEdu is targeting the $46 billion online learning market. We are a team of young engineers, designers and online marketers with work experience from Amazon, General Electric, Photobucket, Rebate Networks, Lashou and LiveEdu has been featured in Mashable, Lifehacker, Venturebeat, TechCrunch, Spiegel,, Edsurge, Businessinsider, and many leading tech blogs in China, Brazil and Russia.


  • Dr. Michael J. Garbade
  • Alex Zhukov
  • Ilya Toka
  • Michael Terpin

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