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LOVR transforms the on- and offline adult entertainment industry. With the cryptocurrency LVR, we are enabling the market to use cashless payment in an anonymous, secure and fair way

$500B Adult Industry Token


Our team created the platform called LOVR. It was developed for changing the sphere of entertainment in the whole world. We introduce a LVR cryptocurrency through which you can conduct a non-cash, fully anonymous and secure payment. With the help of our European partners, we will be able to implement our crypto currency, which can immediately be used by millions of users

EXTENSIVE RESERVSTION SYSTEM: In life Every buyer and seller in the field of entertainment for adults don’t wants to show themselves when doing the payment for one or another consignment. Now it is even hard to stay anonymous in the web, for purchasing something you need to pay with your credit card, where is shown your name and some information about you, and after all, there is no guaranty that this info can be leaked somewhere and used against you. LOVR give a possibility of safe payment and reservation for you. SAFE PAYMENT: our system with a help of blockchain technologies providing tou you quick and safe payments. GAIN YOUR MOMEY: with our system you will play less fees which allows you t safe some money.

Nowaday online and offline services of adult industry offers many services such as: erotic massage, escort service, striptease, tools for love and etc. Customers and sellers wants to stay anonymous while doing such activities.

Our platform providing the cryptocurrency LVR, which allows you to do the safe and anonymous payments. Our system insist of smaller platforms such as: LOVR Basic Payment System, LOVR eWallet, LOVR X-Change and LOVR Applications.

Our platform solve the problem of paying for services by providing them in anonymous and safe way for each parties: buyers and sellers. After that we solve the problem of save reservation, which were widely spread in this industry.

LOVR provide the widely affordable reservation system which does not allow such problems as leaking of information, hacking of your profile etc. It’s all possible with nowadays blockchain technologies.

We are grateful to our comrades, because with their help our platform could Start your work right after launching and work in an extensive network of hundreds of users.


  • Chris Grey – Adult Industry Partner
  • M. R. Opielka – Offline Marketing
  • Dimitrij Werner – Advisor
  • Robin C. Attig – CEO/CTO