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NOIA Network

Making The Internet More Efficient

Making The Internet More Efficient


NOIA is the new-kind of  meaning sending system, which was created for using the more allowed throughput (and warehouse) from houses and information points which are situated all over the world. We created a system with a huge network of distributing and huge non-centralized platform  which contains big framework and has a purpose of making it better.

In the NOIA  white paper we can see the algorithm of it’s work: “The main algorithm of NOIA’s work is making the sites cach and information of it trough ours non-centralized platform of machines in the direct and fastest way. While you joining NOIA, the information of different sites are in automatic way caching and delivering trough our platform. So it can be sent to the customer (by computer or mobile application) with no using the host”.

All sites through all internet service has a possibility of using NOIA for delivering their information and make it in a less expensive and effective way.

You can work with our platform through all possible devices and get ours tokens as a reward.

So join us!


James D. Robinson – CDN Advisor

Tadas Langaitis – Tokenomics Advisor

Anatoly Ressin – Smart contracts advisor

Francesco Altomare – CDN advisor