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Nordcoin Mining

Your Trusted and Safe Mobile Mining Operation.


Nowadays business and technology news is full of stories about new cryptocurrencies, new blockchain technologies etc. New technologies based on blockchain has very fast growth and becoming more popular among people and companies.. In the work of blockchain platforms a very huge part takes the protocols of consensus which are basing it’s work on the proof-of-work statements (PoW). It is a very important technology for a mining industry.

We created the NordCoin Mining for Nordic countries. It is a blockchain based platform for mining cryptocurrency which bases its office in Estonia.

Our company developed the new technology called Mobile Mining Container (MMC). This is a way to remotely protect your cryptoresources, with which you can manage them at large distances. It was developed for solving there the most popular problems which comes with mining. There are the problems of energy, place for computers to mine and effective rate of your hash.  We want to activate thirty MMC, it will give a possibility to get more than $40,000 profit every month per box.

With a help of our platform mining new cryptocurrencies becomes more easier and better. Our team hopes that future mining industry would be full decentralized, could be possible from mobile, won’t be ruled by government and won’t need as much energy as now.

The technology of MMC will help you to balance the rate of your hash, price of spent energy and spent place, which are the most important problems in nowadays mining. We belive that our remote controller will change the world of nowadays mining forever!

Check our official website for more information! There you can fing more news and white paper of ICO!


  • Rauno Kinkar – Legal advisor
  • Addi Rull – Advisor
  • Kazuteru – Arimura Advisor
  • Kristjan – Novitski Advisor