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Paytomat is a blockchain-based payment processing system created to help merchants, consumers and crypto core teams to find each other and create real life traction for cryptocurrencies as emerging method of everyday payments. Built as a decentralized autonomous organization and decentralized franchise, Paytomat features two unique loyalty programs based on the PTM coin, incentivizing merchants to accept payments in crypto, and PTX token, incentivizing end customers to pay with crypto. For the purposes of the token sale we will use Waves-based token PTI.


Paytomat  platform which basing it work Blockhain algorithm. It was developed for spreading cryptocurrencies as a payout mode between different people for always and everywhere. Paytomat  was created as a non-centralized platform and has it’s own some programs of loyalty which are basing it work on the PTM coin and directs for getting payouts in different ways and sharing the possibilities of cryptocurrencies to the bigger amounts of people.

Our program – is a first service which main purpose is stimulating the using of crypto technologies between people with a help of non-centralized system of trading terminals. Paytomat encourages different layers of society take a wide range of cryptocurrencies, and at the same time making them liquid.

Our team developed a tool for getting cryptocurrencies payouts on available trading terminals amd with great success launched it for 150 traders. Also, we launched a beta-version of Paytomat mobile wallet for our users. Paytomat making easier process of taking cryptocurrencies for sellers and stimulates clients pay with cruptocurrencies without conversions.

All of them, traders and those who buying are seen as a possible depositor who already controls  theirs capital through cryptocurrencies and fiats. We try to do the best for traders making possible withdraw their money easily.

The Paytomat loyalty program is  individual and basing it works on blockchain and founding it’s work on PTM coin.

Also, we want to show you the PTI token which basing it works on Waves Platform. PTI is a temporary token which will help us carry this one token sale while PTM blockchain is gone out trough it beta-testing.
Nowadays, our program already using by many traders in our domestic marketplace (Ukraine) and for the forst quarter of 2018 we want to achieve a connection of 150 traders in foreign countries. We are inviting you to visit our site  for getting more info and following ours work.


  • Sasha Ivanov  – Founder and CEO, Waves
  • Moe Levin – CEO Keynote
  • Hennadiy Kornev – Content Strategy Advisor
  • Alexei Antonov  – Advisor