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Decentralized Professional Protocol

Decentralized Professional Protocol


People always need look for whom they are sending their information and control how another one can use it. We created a non-centralized platform which allows you to get a compensation which gives you a possibility of no using mediators. Profede is the new word in data privacy technologies. It is bases work on blockchain which put your professional under safety and control.

We developed The Profede it is a platform which doesn’t allow any interacts, and gives a possibility of not using mediators.

People and companies had a problem of controlling their privacy information. Because of it, companies have a risk not to return their investments back. The current state of affairs prevents companies and highly skilled workers from finding each other because of which a lot of good projects never manage to be developed.

With the help of our system, users and professionals gained control over their information back. It means that people will receive money every time someone uses their information for their own purposes.

With a help of blockchain technologies our team developed a non-centralized system which gives a possibility for professional their profile and make it inaccessible to undesirable persons. Our platform enables workers to send their contact and other information through any network in the best and safest way. Enterprises that hire such workers will have access to the necessary information, which will guarantee the legality and reciprocity of the actions, be able to leave their feedback and assessments that will cascade their work.

Profede will give a possibility for enterprises make payment for every professional in spite of where his data is situated. Mediators are not needed anymore, and our network don’t even give them a possibility to work. Instead of paying for the work of intermediaries, companies are able to offer work to people directly and receive a response through our decentralized application.

The impetus for the beginning of the full operation of our system will be the network of  BeBee.


  • Carlos Domingo
  • Javier Cámara
  • Christel Quek
  • Gabriel Zanko