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QuickX Protocol

Quickest Cross Blockchain Transactions


QuickXis an innovative decentralized platform that is intended to provide effective solutions to some of the critical problems with blockchain technology such as time, cost, scalability and cross transfer of blockchain assets while making cryptocurrencies suitable for mass adoption in day-to-day transactions and provide solutions to enterprises.

QuickX provides transfer of different cryptocurrencies between two parties instantly just like any other traditional electronic transfer mechanism. Thus allowing transactions to happen seamlessly and instantly without user having to pay a high network fees as it is taken care by the pooling facilitators in the network who facilitate the cross-chain transactions to take place instantly!

QuickX features a multicurrency wallet, a multicurrency debit card, a cryptocurrency swap option, and a payment gateway using Quickx Protocol, which make cryptocurrencies suitable for the masses for non-virtual world transactions.

Although it is unlikely, that blockchain ecosystems will replace traditional banking system altogether in the near future, they represent a significant threat to the traditional banking system.


  • Jason H. Jung – CIO at KCX Exchange
  • Sang Jae Seo – CEO of PayX
  • Kshitij Adhlakha – Founder and COO
  • Vaibhav Adhlakha – Founder and CEO