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A Language for Robot Conversations

A Language for Robot Conversations


Nowadays IoT machines are quiet ‘dummy’, and they can’t allow carry normal dialogue without people interact. That is the reason why our team created Railz platform, with a help of it machines can carry  hard dialogues.

As an example: your smart-car could carry the dialogue with another machines trading electric energy with producing energy complexes in a hastily way where the price of it changing with quantity of traded energy in a different places and different time

A non-centralised new-gen  operation platform technic was developed to scale.

Non-centralised system basing itself on Ethereum blockchain and developed to scale. New-gen dialogue  algorithm give a possibility for technic carry the dialogue more harder than giving ‘yes/no’ answers. It is giving a possibility for IoT machines organizing itself in complicated  supplying chain. Operation system can deliver 30x throughout Ethereum blockchain in a test version.

The main purpose of our team is allow more than trillion IoT machines be ready for complicated  trading.  Organize itself the work of chains with no people interact.


  • John Corr – CEO and Founder
  • Phil Millo – Co-Founder and Advisor
  • Vignesh Iyer – Chief Blockchain Architect
  • Sanket Khandare – IoT Product Design Lead