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Sports Ledger

The Future of Sports

The Future of Sport


Nowadays sport is like modern technologies – It does not stays on a one place, it is always changes and revolutionizes. Our team thinks that sport and technologies should change together. The new provided technologies of blockchain, gives us a possibility of creating the new providing and revolution token which will help sport continue its genesis.

It will give a possibility for everyone to become a part of new innovative data-holder platform, which work on a base of the latest advancements of blockchain, Smart Contract ad AI. Our token would be a tool with a help of which every user will get a reward a possibility of being a part of a huge ecosystem.

The main purpose which held our team while were creating this project is to become the biggest sport ecosystem in the world. We created the advanced network that included all modern knowledge about sports, technology of any kind of sports, as well as all the pre-technologies in it.

Our users will be able to access all the globally known facts about the sport, which can then be used for the production of statistics, as well as interpreting it in life.  Sports Ledge will be an innovative network which could connect their users and people who likes sport, then they could easily share their thoughts, analysis and statistic with people, sportsman’s  or sport likers.

Our team created the innovative SPSL token which should become as an access key to Sport Ledgers network. It could be a key to our club, where you get all regards: rewards, participation and right to serve as a part of our community. In future being as a part of our community will automatically make you the part of the whole world sport.

Sport Ledger would be an a innovative platform also for advertisers. It would be easier to find the target audience with a help of our network. People who will take an active part in life of our community will get more our tokens.

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  • Thomas Hal Robson-Kanu – Co-founder
  • Fabian Kippenberg – Co-founder
  • Bozidar Ijacic – Co-founder
  • David Robson-Kanu – Co-founder