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The Future of Retirement Savings is Peer-to-Peer, secured by the Blockchain


Nowadays technologies and cryptocurrency can bring safety and anonymity. It had all chances to be widely spread and used by the whole world.  Our cryptocurrency will begin its work on the basis of multiple blockchain system Proof-of Stake (POS), which was developed for starting the work of new generation of cryptocurrencies and non-centralized apps. Modern cryptocurrency technologies has three main problems which preventing them for developing:

  1. There is no way to make competition with such giants as Visa and MasterCard. Operations on blockchain are slowly for now.
  2. There is not enough possibilities for users to make payments with cryptocurrencies.
  3. The big speculation around the cryptocurrencies.

Our Telegram system is a great platform for starting the work of our TON system. We created a new network with a flexible blockchain structure that allows you to process multiple operations simultaneously.

TON works on the base of Proof-of-Stake, this allows our platform to work quickly and efficiently.

TON it is a constructive and multiple system which insist of such protocols as:

  • TON P2P Network – platform which uses for connecting to TON blockchain.
  • TON Proxy – this is a network which is using for bringing anonymity to their users, after all it would be the substitution of such services as VPN and Tor.
  • TON Service – a platform for providing other services.
  • TON Payments –  telegram team want to provide the hard system and platform for the product of small payments, and also build a network for the production of small payments.
  • This TON services would be implement into Telegram messenger.

For more information, you can check the whitelist of this project.