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A New Way to Present, Measure and Monetize AD's


Our team, created the platform which gives a possibility for developers get the all needed information about nowadays marketplace. Our developers improved the system of matching, it means the new ways of sponsoring their projects even after releasing of these projects.

Players will get an opportunity economize their funds, this platform created for making games more free to play and more accessible for gamers from third-world countries. Our system should help to retain its customers, as well as share the revenue which were received from advertising with all its participants.
Today, games are one of the largest advertising platforms in the world.

With the help of a blockchain, we are minimizing the possibilities of fraud in the advertising industry, and also give an opportunity for advertisers the best way for sharing their information about themselves and their product.

We implemented a training program for advertisers which helps them to learn how to work with our platform, the opportunities and niceties which provides our system for the advertising industry. With a help of modern platforms for game development, advertisers get their advertisements that will be built into the gameplay in the form of pictures, banners, music in the game itself. It makes possible to get rid of annoying and ineffective pop-ups that interfere with gamers during the game

The developer only has to register his project on the B2B market, and after that receive proposals from advertisers. According to our calculations, our platform will provide an even larger circle of advertisers for developers, as well as an even larger number of players from around the world.
Joining us means the joining of the new advertising era.


  • Andreas Schemm – CEO & Co-founder
  • Alfred Steiof – Co-founder
  • Kai Nitsche – Co-founder
  • Egor Malychev – Head of Partnerships