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VTOS is a decentralized CDN & social network built in an infrastructure which embraces the full application of blockchain technology


Decentralized CDN & Social Network

Our team created VTOS a non-centralized CDN & social media which were developed and programmed to provide their work on blockchain technologies.

Our team has a purpose change the method of generating the new content will be creating and sent by blockchain of ethereum and system for creating the apps based on WebTorrent. Our platform created defiantly new method of sharing the videos and blogs by sending it with a help of new non-centralized technologies which brings new possibilities for social media workers, news and content-makers.

VTOS uses the Ethereum blockchain as a main fundament for handling an operations. With a help of the cryptography technologies and blockchain system and direct communication, our platform would be the progressive way for sharing videos, news, mems etc. the most active users will also get their profit with a help of it, all they need is just ontinue to comment, putting likes etc.

With a help of non-centralized technologies content-makers would have a possibility of managing their blogs without using Internet. Our team created the VCT – currency which will be powered with VTOS platform. As afar as users will pass the new levels as soon they will gain their profit.

Also, our system contains masternodes which would give a possibility for people to give as a rent their hosts and get an annual profit from them. Our platform providing the new technologies of video steaming, it can sent, destribute and save videos with high quality. So VTOS will be ne solution of nowadays delivery problems. More information about this project you can find on our site and ours white paper.


  • Juan Carlos Ruiz – CEO
  • Angelo García – CFO
  • Enrique Sandoval – CTO
  • Armando Monroy – CMO