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Digital Advertising on Blockchain

Digital Advertising on Blockchain


We created the XCHNG – project the main purpose of which is change the nowadays advertisement system, furnishes it with open-source basing on protocol digital market and fundamental place for trading the media

Our company as a property has a right of building our platform with patents which gotten in 2015. The fundament centering itself over the simple contract of Ricardian, which implement in itself an open Blockchain which we namend the XCHNG. It is directed to save the operations list and gives a necessary apps which should maximize the work with a help of IO cycle.

The structure of our platform gives a possibility for various companies to show themselves among others as a reliable ecosystem which straggling with problems of  accessibility of blockchain realization. It helps to continue the work in this sphere for better. Our platform consider to realize the new-gen of blockchain which contains all need components which helps itself continue to progress. It’s developed for showing to the users the easiest way for advertising your product with a help of blockchain. XCHNG – the new era of digital advertisement.


  • Mark Beck – VP Strategy at Murka
  • Paul Cheng – GM at Ericsson Emodo
  • Terrence Coles – GM at AddApptr GmbH, Previously GM at Smaato
  • Mark Connon – Former Senior Vice President and Global Chief Mobile & Data Officer at AOL Platforms & Advertising