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Emotional Intelligence Powered By Blockchain

Emotional Intelligence Powered By Blockchain


How to solve the problem of getting customers more loyal? The answer is – emotive participation. Tokens which are gotten from human feelings could tell us may things about human emotions and could be the basis of our relations. Our team solved the problem which interrupted customers and advertisers to find each other.

Now people can get bonuses from making review or clicking on the advertisement. The main part is to get right impressions from it. When we developed it, we used the technologies of blockchain.  Owners of tokens will have the possibility of using them at the ZeroState app, put there an advertisements and provide user payment.  We are offering the ERC20 cryptowallet for our users, where they can keep their tokens and make the cryptocurrency exchanges. With a help of this apps people could easily gain their tokens from advertisments and easily exchange for another cryptocurrency or keep them for future.

Emotions are the basis of our life. Feelings which we get from everywhere always help us to give a mark for all things which happening around us.  Our app is the way how you could gather them, show to people and gain money from it. We are the bridge which connects developers and customers.

ZSC tokens could be used by developers for promotion of their product. The main purpose is always to get the emotions from the users. People will have a possibility of getting ZSC coins just by doing a review for advertisement. You can echange our coin for Ethereum or another cryptocyrrency.

For the world:

  • New social web
  • New way of advertising and new advertisement system.

For advertisers:

  • Faithful users
  • Get emotions and feelings from users.
  • Get ranked.

For users:

  • It is free to get  part in promos.
  • A possibility of being rewarded for your reviews.
  • Updatable information for every add.

Associated agencies


  • Igor Karavaev – Аdvisor
  • Nathan Christian – Advisor
  • Mofassair Hossain – Advisor
  • Alexey Ganin Senior – Backend Developer