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Upcoming ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) – the latest form of attracting investors by selling them a limited amount of new cryptocurrencies units which were taken by an emission of them.

We are giving the latest news about ICO in a form of ICO shedules and lists for our users and visitors.

We created our site in a way, that you have all possibilities of finding easily information about upcoming ICO-s, ongoing ICO-s and past ICO-s, different topics, lists and schedules in the easiest way.

This topic contains the info about upcoming ICO-s and all announcements about upcoming ICO.

Upcoming ICO – it is a next initial coin offering which will start their token sale soon.

We are giving the information about upcoming ICO in a Pre ICO list.

Or site, provides the whole information about Next ICO and read all required information. Required info about Upcoming ICO insists of:

  1. White list – the official document provided by the company which handles this Initial Coin Offering. Usually in this documents provided the whole information and details about this ICO, the principles and ideas implemented in it, the team of workers and other information.
  2. Team – people which worked for developing this ICO.
  3. Financial – the whole information and details about number of issued tokens, accepted currency and other information related to financial matters.
  4. Calendar – shows the time of beginning and ending of ICO.
  5. Other information – the data which shows how this ICO conducting at the moment.

Our users have all possibilities of joining the initial coin offerings and view the whole information about them on our site. You can easily view this project if you think that ideas and principles which where implement in ICO are close to you, even if this ICO haven’t started yet.

Calendar – is one of the most important parts of existing information, which is available in every ICO. It is implemented for showing the time when this ICO will conduct. On our site all calendars are placed on the right top of  page. View it and use for getting all required data about conducting ICO.

We advising you to click on coin offering which interested you for finding more details, sure you will find more. There are available white lists and official sites of interested ICO, where you can get all necessary data. If you want to get details from other questions, write on our email.