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Ongoing ICO (Ongoing Initial Coin Offering)

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) – it is a new form of attracting investors by selling them a limited amount of new cryptocurrencies units which were taken by an emission of them. It is a variant of investment attraction by selling to investors a fixed number of new units of cryptocurrencies received by a single or accelerated emission. 

We are providing for our users and visitors the latest news and information about ICO in a form of ICO lists and schedules.

We built our site in a such way, that you could find easily information about upcoming ICO-s, ongoing ICO-s and concluded ICO-s, different topics, lists and schedules are designed to help you.

On this page you could see the information about ongoing ICO-s.

Ongoing ICO – it is an initial coin offering which has already started their token sale.

Our site provides to you the list of ongoing token sale and ongoing initial coin offerings.

We provide this in a list of current ICO.

Or site, provides the whole information about current ICO and token sales you can easily view them and read all required information. Required info about ongoing ICO insists of:

  1. White list – the official document provided by the company which handles this Initial Coin Offering. Usually in this documents provided the whole information and details about this ICO, the principles and ideas implemented in it, the team of workers and other information.
  2. Team – the whole list of people and companies who took a part in Initial Coin Offering.
  3. Financial – the whole information and details about number of issued tokens, accepted currency and other information related to financial matters.
  4. Other info – information on the current status and progress of work.

You have every opportunity to view and join at course of action current initial coin offering.  We are given the opportunity to view and join this project if you like ideas and principles which where implement in it.

As an important part of existing information, in every project there is a calendar, which shows time of when this ICO starts and when it ends. Calendar placed on the right top of  ICO page. Calendar is an important tool for use. View calendar for better orientation of project.

For getting more details click on coin offering which interested you, sure you will find info you want to get. There are available white lists and official sites of interested ICO, where you can get all necessary data. If you want to get details from other questions, write on our email.